Hey y'all!

Welcome to SwansonPonATime! We are a young missionary couple in Peru, and this is our space to share our journey with you! ...Enjoy! 

Swanson Pon A Time

Swanson Pon A Time

Hey y'all!!

We are Julian and Devyn Swanson, a young newlywed couple from Houston, Texas who have felt the call of God to leave Texas, good ol’ USA and travel to Latin America to serve others and hopefully make a difference in the lives of the people we will get to meet. There’s so much we can’t wait to share and talk about, and we invite you to join in this journey with us.

I (Julian) am a brand-spanking new Doctor who just finished a double residency in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine. And I (Devyn) am 20 something year old, free-spirited gal with a passion for people and to spread God’s love.

We met through attending the same lifegroup at our home church, Lakewood Church. We dated for about 1.5 years before getting married in March 2017. Ever since I was a boy, I saw myself being a doctor over seas, it’s funny how God brought us together because Devyn also saw herself traveling and living abroad in a life dedicated to helping and serving others. And just the right timing for us to get to know each other, date a while, get hitched, and then prepare for an adventure into the unknown after finishing residency.

I will say that when Devyn and I got married 4 months ago, we decided wanted to be a couple known for their love and generosity. As we start this blog, I feel like we should’ve added a 3rd one, namely honesty. You know, just because we feel that the things we have gone through and will go through are meant to be shared with other people. This blog is so that people are able to join in our story and also to see that we are not perfect, that we are not anything special for being called to serve overseas as lifelong missionaries. Instead, we believe that God calls each of us to his/her own life adventure, and ours happened to be in Latin America.

We definitely know that being overseas will make it very difficult to keep in touch with everyone, so it is also our goal for this blog to serve as a bridge to bring you and us closer together. In this space, we are giving ourselves the freedom to talk about not only what is going on currently but we would also love to share stories from the past and dreams for the future and occasionally have a heart to heart if that’s alright with y’all.

We want to thank everyone who has decided to support us financially and through prayer, who is with us in spirit, who cares about us, who has loved on us, and to anyone who has helped us along the way to accomplish our dreams. Just know that we need you and appreciate each and every single one of you. YOU MEAN SO MUCH TO US, FOR REAL!

Finally, as we write this, we are in a plane on the way to our orientation to equip us as missionaries at the headquarters of Samaritan’s Purse. It is so crazy to think of every step we have taken to get to this point, but it all started by saying yes to the adventure that God was calling us to take on. We know that saying YES to God is the best and scariest thing you can do in life. Even though there are infinite more steps to take, many more giants to defeat, and mountains to climb, we know that our lives will never be the same (never, never, never) for the better!

We hope that maybe our story might inspire you and pray that because of it you too would say yes to the adventure God has called you to. We love y’all and we pray for you every single day!

Much Love,

D & J

This Isn't About Me

This Isn't About Me