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5 Favorite Christmas Traditions!

5 Favorite Christmas Traditions!

Hey y’all, Merry Christmas season, I feel like this year has flown by so quickly. We have already almost been living in Peru for a year, super crazy.

So, I wrote on my social media platforms about an interesting thing some bloggers do in the month of December called “Blogmas”, where you basically post EVERY DAY for the month of December until Christmas. I asked my friend Nina, who has a great lifestyle blog, (The Joyfull Now) if she would join in on the “Blogmas Blitz”, and though this year we are not going to post EVERYDAY, we will commit to bringing y’all a little Christmas Cheer once a week all of December.

I asked y’all what you would like to hear from me this Blogmas, and I got a lot of great responses and I plan on writing about almost all of them.

First thing to clear up one person’s Blogmas suggestion to write about substitutes for Chick Fil A… well, there just isn’t anything that compares. Chick Fil A is straight up from Jesus and anything else that resembles or tries to be like it is mediocre. Hahaha. So, we’ll just have to continue dreaming about it until we are back in The States.


To start this 2018 Blogmas I thought it would be good to talk about my favorite Christmas traditions. Some are new traditions we started this year, and we would also like to talk about traditions they do here in town, but as this is our first Christmas in Curahausi we don’t really know too many yet, so maybe Blogmas 2019?


Okay so here are our 5 fav Christmas traditions:


1.     Waiting AFTER Julian’s birthday (and probably Thanksgiving) to decorate or even play Christmas music.

Basically, we can’t skip holidays and Juj’s birthday is DEF a holiday! Haha. Though I would love to start whipping out my Christmas decoration box November first, I really enjoyed decorating for Julian’s birthday, then Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. I just really like decorating! Haha


2.     Having specific ornaments that represent each other.

This one was started last year when Julian wanted to hang his Goofy and Coke ornament and I realized I didn’t have anything that represented me on the tree (Goofy is Julian’s favorite cartoon and by now you should all know about his love of Coca-Cola haha). So last year for Christmas Julian got me 3 ornaments that were just for me: an elephant (my fav animal), a D, and a boho heart. I love them.

3.     The Ugly Angel’s.

Speaking of ornaments, we started this tradition this year of hanging the “Ugly Angel” on our tree. As we didn’t know if we’d be able to get many decorations for our tree we asked people to bring us Christmas decorations and we received some… interesting looking ornaments that we are really grateful for (check back for link on decorating in Peru blog). There was one angel ornament that is probably as old as me and has a really nice personality, but is not too easy on the eyes. Haha. When we saw her we said that every year no matter how fancy of a tree we have, we will ALWAYS put up the “Ugly Angel” just because she was there for us when we didn’t have any other choice. Hahahah


4.     Christmas socks.

My mom would get us all a pair of matching pajama’s (or at least her, my sister and me) every year and I loved that tradition but didn’t want to take it from her and it can also be a bit pricy. So instead we do Christmas socks and get them for all the family. This year we are just going to reuse the ones we did last year since there’s not any place to buy them here. Lol


5.     Watching our favorite Christmas movies!

I think my favorite genre of movies is Christmas, and though I have been a bit disappointed in the Netflix’s Original ones this year, there are so many classics that I love and also that I still need to see (like Home Alone- don’t judge me, I don’t know why I haven’t seen it yet). Also, it’s just not the same to watch “Christmas with the Krank’s” in July, so we watch all our favs in the month of December.

Here are our top 3 favorite Christmas movies:

I hope you all enjoyed reading about our little family traditions, I would love to hear about yours. Leave a comment below sharing your family Christmas traditions. If its making cookies that would be a special treat if you shared the recipe with me!


Also don’t forget to check out my sis Nina’s Blogmas blogs, she is such a great writer and in every blog is full of wisdom, vulnerability, wit, and you can always find a good laugh there too!


Much Love and Happy Blogmas,


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