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Rostros de Diospi

Rostros de Diospi

Hey family!

Wanted to update you on a special project that I have recently finished at the hospital!

Last year, I was mesmerized by the various outfits and traditional wear that people came to the hospital in. From every corner of Peru, you could generally tell exactly what community they came from by the shape and décor of the hat they were wearing.

At the same time I was overcome by the idea of how different we were, yet how we were all the same. How people might treat you differently because you are a “gringo” vs a poor farmer. I knew that God had created us all equal and loves us all the same. 

So I thought why don’t we take pictures of 1000 people that came to the hospital including patients, missionaries, Peruvian staff, etc. and putting up a photo collage to show how we are all part of one big family. How compassion for each other is so important and how we all belong to each other despite our various backgrounds and cultures. This project was also inspired by one of my favorite verses:

“By this they will know that you are my disciples: if you love one another.” - Jesus (John 13:35).

So I teamed up with Debora Castillo, a local Peruvian photographer, and we got started taking pictures, and pictures, and more pictures. Soon enough I realized that 1000 pictures would not fit on the wall with the standard photo printing size here in Peru (10x15cm) so we paired it down to 600 photos in all. 

And it turned out incredible, all topped off with an incredible inaugurating worship night / art show. The best part of the opening night was that I finally realized that I had an incredible family here in Peru: as we were all working hard all day preparing for the worship night, we sat down at lunchtime for a quick break to eat some delicious delivery pizza. As I looked around the table I saw a German family that was helping engineer the displaying of the photo wall with perfection, a Peruvian couple who was helping set up the music and my amazing wife who did all the decorating with one of her Peruvian friends. Then more missionaries came to help put up finishing touches and lighting. I couldn’t have felt more supported. And it all came together perfectly right on time at 7 pm for the event.

Perspectiva de Curahuasi

Perspectiva de Curahuasi