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Thanksgiving in Peru

Thanksgiving in Peru

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, love, and full bellies. Now that Thanksgiving is over, may all the Christmas music and decorating begin!!

I’m sitting here eating left overs, chilling with Julian after a crazy amazing Thanksgiving and thought I would share with y’all how we celebrated here in Peru!

So in our town there are about 3 other American families, and we all decided to celebrate together like they have done the years before, plus Julian’s older brother and his family came in town and we also included a few of the local Germans and one Australian family. We all decided what we were going to make and Julian and I offered to host dinner at our place.

This is the first year I have ever hosted Thanksgiving, let alone in another county, and immediately I started planning of how I wanted it to go (unleash the decorating diva haha).


First things first we needed seating, since we only have one table that seats 6 and we were expecting 30-35 people, we called everyone in town to see if we could borrow tables and chairs. We were able to get more than enough tables and chairs, praise the Lord!!

Okay so for the decorating, we had the furniture but with no Hobby Lobby or even Walmart in sight, I had to get a bit creative in order to make beautiful Thanksgiving tables.

Luckily Curahausi is full of eucalyptus trees, so with some help from my design team (Julian and our nephew Josh) we clipped a whole bunch of branches and brought those home.

I also used some brown packaging paper I found to line the tables, then took some apples, glass jars and tea candles to complete the look. Everyone helped set it up and helped make the vision come alive.

We also did a few kids tables outside with the package paper and some crayons, to keep the little ones entertained. It was so perfect for them!

  • Food

Being from New Orleans you CANNOT have Thanksgiving without gumbo, and on my own for the first time, I knew I had to take on this task. I had to plan for this far in advance since we don’t have all the ingredients to make it work (we brought stuff down from the states and such). I was a little daunted while cooking it and called my mom like 4 times during the process, but the gumbo turned out great and I was super stoked as you can see in the picture! Hahah

There were all sort of other delicious foods. We had the traditional dishes like stuffing, green bean and sweet potato casserole, a pumpkin-sweet potato pie, and mash potatoes. Also working with what we could get like having roasted chicken (since we couldn’t find a darn turkey anywhere). And we also incorporating pavlova, which is an Australian dessert, since we were having an international Thanksgiving.

I was really impressed with how crafty everyone was, since we cannot get things here like canned pumpkin, canned cream of mushroom soup or the crispy onions that go on top of green bean casserole. You have to make everything yourself, which takes much more time and that’s just so special to me that everyone would work so hard and share their creations all together.

  • Community

It was so great to have everyone get together and spend time together, especially having Julian’s family with us to meet our friends and seeing their kids playing with the other children here (including our puppy girl Lola who was playing soccer too LOL). For a special activity our sister in “love” Christina and her daughter Bella made a “Grateful Tree” and handed out leaves for everyone to write what they were grateful for and tape it to the tree.

Also at the end of the evening some of the boys grabbed chairs and sat in the backyard and watched a tractor plow down the field. Hahah, I guess when living in the country side, instead of watching tv, watch a tractor go back and forth. Hahaha!

This would not have been possible without everyone in this picture, it definitely was a production of everyone coming together and contributing whatever they could. My heart is full and I am so grateful….


I love hearing from y’all, please tell me about your Thanksgiving, fun traditions, or anything haha, I just really love hearing from y’all!!

Much Love,


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