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Update on Devyn!

Update on Devyn!

So, the last blog I posted may have come as a surprise to some of you, as I talked about how I was struggling here in Peru, finding my purpose, not knowing if I was called to be a long-term missionary, and how I was defining what comfort actually means. That was probably the hardest blog I ever wrote. I was so afraid of how people were going to see me and I also didn’t want to put a target of pity on myself (I didn’t want anyone to feel sorry for me, I didn’t feel sorry for myself- well most of the time at least haha). But I received such great feedback and support from so many people and I really appreciate that.  

Okay, but I thought it was super important to give y’all a bit of an update on how I am doing after I dropped that bomb on you guys a few months ago and show you how great God is.

Actually I am now volunteering at the school teaching art classes. It’s a crazy story how it all happened. You may remember from my last blog me saying how working at the school wasn’t an option due to my lack of Spanish.

Sorry, before I tell this story, I think it’s important to know is that this job was not available to me UNTIL I decided to get in the process of learning how to be content with the purpose of just being a child of God. That NOTHING else really matters, from job titles or lack of one, to where I live, and how many blogs I post lol. If I don’t know that I am loved and accepted no matter WHAT my answer is to “So what do YOU do?” then I’m screwed and I will never have the peace Jesus promises us. 

"I am leaving you with a gift--peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don't be troubled or afraid.” – John 14:27 

This is definitely a lifelong lesson, and I can’t lie, some days I accept and believe this more than I do some other days.

Okay so back to how I became an art teacher :P

It’s crazy because when I was first asked to help out with teaching art, I thought, I don’t know if I should take this job, I have just now started being content with my life, I have gotten into a routine, I have peace about it, and also, I have no idea how to teach, and my Spanish is still super basic. I was thinking what if there’s a fire, or something and I can’t communicate with them. Or they are seriously hurt and I have no clue what they are talking about. I had many reasons why I shouldn’t do it.

So, I said no. I told the director of the school I couldn’t teach on my own, and I felt peace about this decision. I thought I was doing what was best, the students were better off without an art teacher rather than a teacher that spoke English (aka might as well be gibberish). But the director didn’t give up, a week later he told me that they found people to translate for me during my classes and that I could start on Monday. Though still reluctant, I said yes because how could I say no? LOL.

I was really nervous to start, I started thinking about how was I going to make up lessons to teach? Sure, I knew how to paint but I wasn’t a teacher, I went to school for like a semester to become an art teacher, but dropped out when I got a job in real estate (I was more concerned at the time with money than pursuing my dream job). When I heard myself remember that this was a dream of mine, I realized this was a God thing! It had once been my dream to teach young people how to express themselves through art. It was my art teacher that changed my life during a really tough time in high school and I wanted to inspire young people to use art as an outlet to whatever was going on in their worlds. But when it got hard, I dropped out of school and dropped that dream along with it. And I honestly didn’t think much about it, but it’s funny because God did! He literally MOVED me to the MOUNTAINS, brought people from all over the world, just so He could fulfill a dream, a dream I had long given up on. CRAZY!!

 I always heard in church how God cares about all the dreams in your heart, and I believed it, but I didn’t think that meant even the dreams we stopped praying for because we didn’t think it could happen, or the ones we had given up on. I just thought that when I heard that in church, it just meant the big stuff, like getting married or having a family, ya know. But as I saw how He cared and fulfilled this dream, I felt confident that He would equip me to teach these kids.

So here I am teaching children art, God has equipped me with lessons to teach each week, given me patience and grace when I don’t have the patience, lol, with the children, and He has multiplied my efforts in speaking Spanish. I am now teaching by myself a lot of the time. CRAZY!! And I am absolutely loving it!! I was only supposed to fill in as an art teacher for 2 months while there is a gap in teaching, but I couldn’t imagine stopping, so I asked the director if I could continue after the 2 months and he said of course!! So now I will be teaching for the rest of our time here in Peru. WHAT?!?! GOD IS SO GOOOOOOD!!

So, my hope is that this story encourages you in a few ways:

1.     That YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD first and foremost! You can’t work for it, you don’t need to fix yourself up for it, what you are or are not doing has nothing to do with it. You just are His child and He loves you UNCONDITIONALLY, like it or not.

2.     Even if you give up on your dreams, God doesn’t, and He will fulfill them in a way that He will get the glory. If your dream seems impossible, then good, that’s where God works best!

3.     Don’t be afraid to tell your story because of how people may see you. Your story is powerful and someone needs to hear it. And I already told you GOD LOVES YOU and your story and all your mess, so who cares what people say!

Much Love,


And of course, I have pictures to share of my class!!  

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