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6 Months of Marriage!

6 Months of Marriage!

What we've learned in our first 6 (almost 7 cause we are late to post this) months of marriage:

These first 6 months have been amazing and have blown my (Julian) expectations out of the water. I am SO in love with Devyn and way MORE in love with her than the day I got to marry her.

What’s funny is that if it were up to me, I don’t think my relationship with Devyn would have grown as much. I know I would have chosen the easy road, with less misunderstandings and less problems,but life has a way of throwing curve balls at us and it’s in facing these obstacles that our marriage is then able to grow to its fullest potential.

I think some couples may face their most challenging times of adjustment during the dating relationship or after the honeymoon stage is over. For us, it was very early in our marriage, in the 1st month. Those first 40 days were very difficult for both of us and we felt alone. We both had hidden expectations and were let down when these expectations weren’t met. It was not easy and felt like a rollercoaster. There were dark times of doubt and fear and confusion and amazing moments of trust and intimacy.

I am so grateful to God that He did not waste any time after we got married in allowing us to face challenges as a couple that would allow our marriage to grow strong from the very get-go.

During that time of crazy adjustment, there was only one thing that we could hold onto: that God was with us. There is a song by Tauren Wells called “Hills and Valleys.” This song talks about the hills and valleys of life and how God is the God of it all, the amazing hills AND the low valleys. He never leaves us. The song says, “On the mountains, I will bow my life to the One who set me there and in the valley, I will lift my eyes to the One who sees me there”. 

I (Devyn) couldn’t agree more with what Julian said: 6 months is not the longest of time, and I definitely do not feel as if we are MARRIAGE EXPERTS by any means. But, wow, have I grown and been stretched in these past 6 months, maybe more than I ever have in my life. This has been such a crazy-amazing time, where we have fallen into a deeper love and connection, and as much as I hate the arguments and tough times, they are what bring us closer time and time again. 

I remember seeing couples that I admired and wondering, how are they here?  How are they so connected? And I wondered if Julian and I would get on that page. It’s awesome to see our growth and our connection in just 6 months and to be able to say that I understand their connection much more now! God has been so-sooooo good to us and to our marriage. He definitely is the foundation that keeps us steady when life’s earthquakes hit. He has taught us patience and I feel as if I grasp His love for us a little deeper. It’s a love that keeps loving even when we feel as if we are unlovable. A love that is excited to grow a deeper connection. It is an unconditional love. 

Much Love,
J & D 

In honor of 6 months' of marriage, we want to share some pictures of our wedding with y’all! We would also LOVE to hear from y’all, feel free to comment below about your marriage journey, or any thoughts you have on this post. 

Enjoy the photos!

Photo Cred to the AMAZING: Brittney Feliciano, David Hass, and Alan Castelan ! If you would like their info for your big event, please contact me. 

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