Hey there! We are Devyn and Julian Swanson!

We are newlyweds from Houston, TX who have sold all our stuff and moved to Latin America to serve as missionaries.

YUP, Peru to be exact!

So, Julian is a doctor and I (Devyn) am a free spirited art teacher. God has put it on our hearts to move to Latin America to love people and serve the community. 

We are writing this blog as a way to share with you as the journey unfolds. From Devy Diaries to Julian’s Journals, we are leaning on Jesus as we do our very best in spreading His love.

We would like to thank our home church Lakewood, our missions organization Samaritan's Purse, and our big family & many friends for helping make this God-sized dream a reality. 

We are stoked to share this journey with you as we follow God through the Hills and Valleys.

Much Love,

D & J